six question of art history

Please respond to the following questions in complete sentences. Each response should have approximately 200 words. You should be comprehensive about what we have studied (include main ideas and be inclusive of important details relevant to the question) and comparative in your responses (don’t just talk abut one work or artist). Please coherently organize what you write. Remember that you must do your own work and not download other people’s material from the Internet. Any infraction of this rule will result in an F for the grade.

1. Explain the art of three different Renaissance artists, and how they are different and similar, making reference to specific works by these artists.

2. Explain the difference between Baroque and Rococo art, mentioning major differences (and similarities) in their characteristics. Make reference to a number of artists and works in both movements.

3. Explain the major characteristics of the Neoclassical movement, with examples.

4. Describe your favorite Neoclassic work that we have studied. Explain the characteristics of it and why you like it. Make descriptive comparisons to other works we have studied.

5. What are the characteristics of Romantic art? How is it different from Neoclassic art (give extensive detail on this)? Describe two different Romantic works of art and their characteristics.

6. Explain the difference between Realism and Surrealism, with examples.

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