Silenced Issue, english assignment help

This major paper is sort of complicated since you should find an episode from a show, like Gossip Girl, Modern family,etc to analyze a social issue which is in silence, the social issue could be like racism, homosexuality, women rights, or women’s body size, and so on.

The attached file 1: the instruction of this major paper

The attached file 2: the reading is mentioned in the file 1(instruction) about Popular culture.(Author: Zeisler )

The attached file 3: a paragraph example for this major paper, and there is paragraph structure is shown on the first page. This paragraph analyze the “diversity day” episode in the show “The office” . Also, The reading (author: McCarthy-James) is also mentioned in the file 1(instruction), there is the website for the reading:…

This reading talk about the “diversity day”episode in the show “The office” as well.

If you have difficulty to find an appropriate episode, please contact me, then we can do together! But it must use own words, don’t copy from internet.

Thank you so much!!!

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