Short Essay on Family Mapping Case

Family Mapping

Structural therapists use the concepts of boundaries (rigid, diffuse, and clear), subsystems (parental, spousal, and sibling or child), and triangles to describe family structure. Using the family mapping case below, write a discussion post in which you:

  • Describe the family’s current structure in terms of the boundaries around the family system and between subsystems in the family.
  • Discuss what dysfunctional triangles may be present in the family, and suggest what their function might be.
  • Discuss how the family’s structure might change in order to help them improve their current concerns. What would be the rationale for such changes?
  • Describe the structural techniques that would be used to accomplish the goals.

Family Mapping Case

Jean and Henry have been married for 8 years and have one child, Jessica, who is 5 years old. Henry travels a great deal for his job, and Jean stays at home with Jessica. Jean has taken time out from her career to parent Jessica full-time in her early years. For the last 3 years, Jessica has attended preschool half days, three days a week, and Jean has encouraged additional creative learning activities. Henry is a very involved dad, calling Jessica every night and spending as much time as possible with her on the weekends. These parents are enmeshed with their child and give her wonderful care. However, they are failing to teach the child to obey rules and to respect adult authority, resulting in difficulty with her entrance into school. The child is afraid to go to school, and the parents simply reinforce her fears by allowing her to stay home.

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