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Question 1

a. Was this TED Talk engaging? Did you want to keep listening? Why or why not?

b. During the presentation, did you ever feel lost or confused? Did you understand the technical concepts that Sabeti presented when explaining her work?

c. After listening to her talk, do you feel personally connected to the issue? Does her work affect you? Why or why not?

d. Discuss at least one potential drawback of Sabeti’s approach that you want to see her address in future presentations, publications, or research.

Theme: Tailoring the Message to an Audience, learning block 5-1 (page 4)

Question 2

a. Who is the audience of Pardis Sabeti’s TED Talk? Focus not only on the audience shown when the camera cuts away from the stage but also on Sabeti’s message and how she chooses to present this message. Who does it seem like she is talking to? What evidence do you rely on to help answer this question?

Theme: Tailoring the Message to an Audience, learning block 5-2 (page 2)

Question 3

How does Pardis Sabeti tailor the message of her presentation to her audience?

Link of the video to answer these question is provided inside the provided file. Please see also rubric for complete instruction

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