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Mutual help groups or self-help groups are grass roots efforts geared toward helping those who are seeking recovery. These groups often offer acceptance, understanding, and a safe place to practice new skills. In conjunction with professional treatment, mutual help groups have proven worth. At over 80 years old, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is one of the most well-known, most accessible mutual help groups. While the anonymous nature of the group does not lend itself well to research, there is clear evidence of its effectiveness. AA’s 12 steps have influenced many other mutual help groups and have even found their way into programs facilitated by professionals. AA is a valuable, free resource for those in recovery; consequently, clinicians need to understand its tenets and philosophy. After completing the assigned Reading, please discuss the following with your classmates:

1.What are three factors that describe AA groups? What is the history of the AA movement?

2.Compare and contrast 12-step facilitation programs and 12-step mutual help groups.

What does the research say about AA’s effectiveness?

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