Security Organization , sociology homework help

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Security Organization , sociology homework help

Full APA paper format is not required. Submit as a .doc or .docx file attachment and also in copy-and-paste in the forum using the following format:



References: (full APA reference citations as well as in-text citations in the body of your response to reinforce key points.

Discuss the pros and cons of security’s role of security in an organization (any type of organization will do). Based on the following key discussion points:

a) How should security fit into the scope of a mission, be it war-fighting, profit making, etc?

b) Specifically discuss the roles and responsibilities of the Security Director or Chief Security Officer (CSO).

Respond to each question using what you have learned during the week’s reading and your personal experience and opinion. Each student must also respond to a minimum of two fellow students’ postings.

Forum question responses must be substantive. There are two elements of substance: one is content and the other is length of response. Content means that you must examine each element of the question and reinforce key points with in-text reference citations followed by a Reference list. The initial responses must be a minimum of 750 words. The two mandatory responses to fellow students must be a minimum of 250 words each.

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