SDSU Should Teachers Ban/limit the Use of Smartphones in The Classroom?

For this timed writing, you will need to write a complete (short) essay of 600-800 words based on the two short articles I have provided. Your task is to read the articles and respond to my prompt.

You will have 120 minutes to complete the essay. Once you begin, you may NOT go back to it; it needs to be completed in one sitting. No exceptions. I will not accept essays through email or after the due date.

You will need to write your answer on a Word or Pages file and upload the file to submit.

Your essay should have:

  • An introduction with a hook, background information and a thesis that directly respond to my prompt
  • A minimum of 2 (and up to 3) PIE body paragraphs with a clear Point that is an opinion, Information that is properly introduced quotes from the articles and Explanation that is thorough and connects the reader back to the point.
  • A conclusion that restates your thesis and provides a final thought.
  • Please format your essay in MLA but do not worry about a Works Cited page for this timed draft.
  • Slowly and carefully read through the two articles below on the subject of smartphone use in the classroom.
  • Once you have carefully read both articles, write a short essay (600-800 words) that answers the prompt below. Should teachers ban/limit the use of smartphones in the classroom? Your essay should include:
    • An introduction with a hook, background information and a thesis that directly answers my prompt
    • 2-3 body paragraphs that follow PIE structure, starting with a Point that is an opinion, using quotes from the articles as Information and Explaining the quotes thoroughly.
    • A conclusion that restates the thesis and gives a final thought.

    Step 3:

    Submit your Essay for grading. Be mindful of the clock. I will not accept any essays past the 2 hour time limit or by email. Remember to do your best, as your grade on this will not change.Also, remember that using any outside sources is forbidden and will result in a 0 on this assignment.

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