Role of the State Each of the discussed in this module

Role of the StateEach of the discussed in this module presented their views on government and the role of the state, and each had their criticisms of government. Write a 1-2 page paper in which you compare and contrast and Aristotle’s criticism of government and how this led to their ultimate philosophy on the role of the state. Conclude by offering your well-supported explanation of which criticism you agree most withAnswer Preview for the question on Role of the StateAristotle and Plato were both very great thinkers and philosophers of the Greek Philosophy. They were indeed the rock stars in the field of philosophy. Plato came up with the creation of idealism, while Aristotle was later recuperated by Thomas Aquinas, and officially made the Catholic Church’s doctrine. Both philosophers had their views about the government, which later led to their philosophy on the state’s role (Habib, 2008). Basically, what the two philosophers …………………APA663 Words Added to cart

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