Rise of The Image Culture Presentation

Paper 3


Thoman in her essay, “Rise of the Image Culture,” says mass media creates our culture. Does corporate America define our culture through mass images? Is the Americanism we understand and uphold a mere by product of the advertisements we watch? In an attempt to understand the issues pertaining to media culture and its influence, research for visual images used in the media that defines our everyday believes, and describe how the media has impacted our thinking and living. Analyze selected elements of the images: the overall composition, color, lighting, content, angle, texture, and significance, to explain why it is important that we have “media awareness,” the ability to recognize the way the media shapes the way we think and feel. Discover the underlying nuances– the values, morals, and attitudes—that has influenced the current ways of reading these images and suggest a more sophisticated understanding of the visual images in an attempt to reveal the unknown. Are we being manipulated through these visual images in ways that we have yet to discover? This essay must have a focal point/theme; for instance, you may observe the values we attach to current perceptions of beauty by analyzing media advertisements of cosmetics. The essay must move the audience beyond the visual imageries to a world of new meanings and realities, in an effort to see the unseen.

PRE-Writing Process:

  • Develop rhetorical decisions: Define audience, purpose and occasion.
  • Identify at least 5 visual images in the media that are thematically linked.
  • Define the current perception of these images.
  • Choose 3 elements of analysis, generate observations, and explain how the observations reveal how the media intends to influence us.
  • Suggest a more sophisticated reading of the images. Develop a way of seeing the unseen. This is your thesis.
  • Create a power point presentation to document step 2, 3, 4, and 5.
  • Write an essay of about 600 words.
  • mla formate
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