RHT101 No Rainbows No Roses by Beverly Dipo Essays Reflective Paper

1) This Reading Response Discussion Board is worth

  • Read the short narrative essays “No Rainbows, No Roses” and “The Barn”
  • Chose one of them and post a 200-400 word reflection responding to these questions:
    • How did you feel about the essay overall?
    • What sticks in your mind as most vivid about the narrative?
    • What writing techniques do you see the writer using to affect the reader emotionally?
  • Respond to two classmates’ posts:
    • Explain what you found meaningful or insightful in their posts
    • Build on and expand their insights or ideas about the writing

2) You posted a 200-400 word response to the essay

DR: Overall, I felt like the essay did the job it was suppose to do. I felt like I was actually seeing, experiencing, and feeling everything that Nurse Dipo was experiencing. When Dipo first went into the room and saw Mrs. Trane, it was as if I was watching her with my own eyes. She described her so well, it was quite frankly, unbelievably just visual. The descriptions were so pure, but the emotions were so deep. The way Mrs. Trane passed away was sad, but also peaceful. She knew her time was to come to an end. It was sweet, but heartbreaking that Mrs. Trane did not want her family to be there for when she passed. Again, it is like she already knew that her time was soon, and she completely waited to the right moment to do so. And just like Dipo had mentioned, her family may not have handled the death the way Dipo did. But this story did make me feel very upset, because personally, I would not want to die alone. Personally, I would want the people who love and care about me to be there. And only the ones who truly do will actually be there for me when the time comes. It is sad and upsetting to even think about, because no one knows when they will pass away. But when the time comes, that is my personal preference on who I would want there.


I choose “No Rainbows, No Roses” narrative essay for a discussion.

I felt very emotional after I read it, but also very comforting and understanding. Overall it is very honest, true story that unfortunately happens often in real life.

The most vivid moment that sticks in my mind is the moment of death, when, while holding patient’s hand, nurse was able to share that special time with dying person in very quiet supportive manner. She witnessed her patient’s last heart beat and last blink of an eye. She states: “Slowly, still holding her hand, I became aware that I do mind this emotional tug of war that in fact, it was a privilege she has allowed me, and I would do it again, gladly”.

I do understand clearly what empathy is and I completely agree that no one should die alone. This is what makes us great humans is an ability to take part of someone else’s feelings, by feeling sorrowful about their misfortune.

In my opinion, the writer is using special techniques to affect reader emotionally. She is writing in scenes, showing rather than telling. We can see a great example of it when author describes the smell, feeling and taste. When nurse comes in to the room she can feel how the smell hits her nostrils, and taste of bitter bile churning in the pit of her stomach. I think it is a major key to activate reader’s emotions because people don’t usually get emotional over a report. They do get emotional when they step into someone’s shoes and experience his or her feelings as their own. The writer also teases readers with hints of what’s next to come, which makes it very interested to read. She makes a character sympathetic so we can identify emotions of that person such as pain, joy or sorrow. And we as readers can also relate to a particular situation if we ever experienced death in our lives. She chooses words with deliberations, such as using sharp for the harsher emotions, and soft for gentle emotions. What I really like about this essay that writer reduces a lot of unnecessary extra unrelated details, makes it short and very touchy.

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