Rhetoric, Rhetorical Grammar, and Punctuation, English homework help

Rhetoric, Rhetorical Grammar, and Punctuation

Part I: Parts of Sentence

Directions: please identify the forms and functions for each sentence.


My roommates/ fixed / spaghetti and garlic bread / for dinner / on Friday.

NP1 predV NP2 prep ph prep ph :Form

Subject transV dir obj adverbial adverbial :Function

  1. After his long recovery from an injury, the pitcher threw a perfect game.
  2. We named our two cats Rita and Harvey.
  3. The prominent researcher gave her assistant a quick tutorial.
  4. Before her final exam, Jill became nervous.
  5. The business major made the library his main retreat for studying.
  6. Morgan bought me a red Corvette for my birthday.
  7. The executive committee named him salesperson of the year.
  8. The important study prompted changes in health care for the elderly.
  9. The teacher had always given back assignments promptly.
  10. Has your clean laundry been folded yet?

Part II: Punctuation

Directions: use commas, colons, and dashes to revise and/or combine the following sentences.

  1. The expenses to the investors including unforeseen repairs to infrastructure were almost enough to drive them away from the market.
  2. In our culture most people see crickets as noisy pests in other cultures people see them as a food source.
  3. A steady increase in the use of electronic devices such as smart phones laptop computers and tablets has led to a steady stream of profits especially for manufacturers.
  4. Experts in education argue that these technologies which are now common in the classroom have a significant impact on the way students learn.
  5. My favorite snacks almonds and bananas are good but also healthy.
  6. Most students and teachers probably do not know that first-year composition courses which are an almost universal requirement in higher education were first introduced at Harvard in the late 19th century.
  7. Health care experts recommend a combination of preventative care strategies diet exercise and reduced stress to avoid costly medical procedures later in life.
  8. Marcus Tullius Cicero a famous Roman orator became interested in public speaking at an early age. As a young man partly because of his elite education in Rome he became involved in politics through the Roman court system. He became known for speaking out against the violence that Roman dictators such as Julius Caesar supported. As an enemy of Mark Antony who was a member of the Second Triumvirate, Cicero was named an enemy of the state. The result was his death.
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