Respond to 2 classmates

1.Due process insures offenders protection and that they are being treated fairly with respect for the crime they may or may not have committed. Crime control and due process are the opposites of one another. Due process affects crime control only because it takes the peoples attributes into consideration and so it is likely they may commit the same offense again if given the opportunity. Crime control simple focuses on how to prevent a person from committing the same crime or multiple crimes once they have been released from jail or prison.

Improving the relationship between due process and crime control can be difficult considering their values. The best way to get the two to work together is to take both sides into consideration. Crime can still be controlled and respect individuals life, liberty and property.

2.Under the due process model a person that has been accused of a crime is to be treated as the are innocent until they are proven to be guilty. Legally we can not take away anyones life or their liberty with out due process. Under the crime control model it is the exact opposite, and believed to be a waste of time. If a person has been arrested for a crime then that person must be punished for what has been done because they must in fact be guilty. A major key in maintaining justice with the criminal justice system is by policing it under due process. where crime control believes that by maintaining justice within is not only time consuming and an ineffective way to spend money. Money that could be spent on more equipment and staff. Due process as well as the 14th amendment both believe that everyone is obligated to receive the same protection for the law in order to be completely fare. If we did not have due process nor the 14th amendment I do believe that we would have so many innocent people that are being held wrongfully accused and behind bars.

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