Research Plan and Annotated Bibliography

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MY TOPIC IS : Social media is making our lives worse.

(Follow the following requirements)

A research plan narrates your research process and provides a “snapshot” of your argument and the way that you will use your sources; an annotated bibliography summarizes sources for your reader. In preparation for your English 200 final project, you must prepare and submit a three-part research plan AND an annotated bibliography of at least five (5) sources (one should be a book, and at least three should be from peer-reviewed academic journals).

The research plan should be divided into three parts:

1. Introduction (1-2 paragraphs): Introduce the topic and make clear your research question.

2. Research Overview (1-2 pages): Explain your data collection method and the inclusion/exclusion of research articles. Which articles did you reject and why? What databases were most helpful? What was the most difficult about your data collection method?

3. Discussion Overview (1-2 pages): Explain the debate and how the research explores your topic. What articles support your claim (point of view)? Which articles act as the opposing viewpoints that you will accommodate or refute?

The research plan will be followed by the annotated bibliography: Your five (5) sources must be cited in correct APA format, and below each Reference entry, you will annotate the source by doing the following in one paragraph per source:

(A) Summarize the source

(B) Evaluate the authority or background of the author(s)

  1. Who is the author and what are his/her credentials?
  2. Is the source credible?
  3. Is it reliable?
  4. Is the information accurate?
  5. What is the purpose of the source? publication?

(C) Comment on the intended audience

(D) Compare or contrast this work with another you have cited in the bibliography or otherwise put the source in conversation with other sources

(E) Explain in detail how you will use this source in your research paper (what purpose does it serve?)

(F) Include a quote with a correctly formatted APA in-text citation that you might use in your research paper

Because preparing an annotated bibliography gives you an opportunity to research and evaluate your sources and their applicability to your project, I highly recommend that you annotate more than five. As your project progresses, you may find your sources more or less useful, and annotating more than five saves you time as you put the finishing touches on your essay.

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