Research Paper

My paper has to be on The Chicago Schools

The Research Paper 5 pages must include a title page and a works cited page for a minimum of 7 total pages. You will use APA style, but you may research all your APA style requirements on the internet, you are not required to purchase an APA book. You will choose your topic for this research paper from the required supplemental textbook, The Relativity of Deviance, 4TH edition, John Curra. You will review the supplemental textbook and email me your topic in the form of a 1 paragraph abstract. No duplicate topics will be allowed and your topic/abstract must be approved by me. You will be required to use the supplemental text and 2 other references that you will site at the end of your paper. Only one of those reference may be an internet source. I will be using TURNIT IN to check for any plagiarism so please do not plagiarize.

The Abstract should be 1 brief paragraph, composed in a WORD doc, which includes one sentence that states, “This research paper will discuss……….”.

Your topic must come directly from your supplemental textbook, Relativity of Deviance by John Curra 4th Edition. To help you focus on one specific topic, please cite, at the bottom of your Abstract, the chapter # and page #(s) you are using as a reference for your Research Paper.

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