reply to db vivian adult

reply to db vivian adult

Patient Questions 

      I would want to know if this patient has ever had this before and when the patient first noticed her symptoms. Physical exam would include looking at the patient’s sores in her mouth and two-point discrimination could be helpful. I would also auscultate and palpate the patient’s abdomen.  

Differential Diagnose 

      Some differential diagnose could include celiac disease, appendicitis, ulcer, and GERD. This patient most likely is suffering from celiac disease. Commons symptoms with this include mouth sores, fatigue, tingling or numbness, and bloating (Beyond Celiac, 2019).  Testing to help diagnose celiac include a blood test that looks for certain antibodies. Genetic testing is also an option, this test looks for HLA-DQ2 and HLA-DQ8, which are human leukocyte antigens (Mayo Clinic, 2018).  

Management of Condition 

      If a patient has celiac disease, there are different management options. A common and somewhat simple lifestyle change includes going gluten-free. Besides cutting out wheat, this patient may also want to cut out barley, rye, malt, and other foods that have gluten. Taking extra vitamins or minerals is another great addition to the diet. This patient will also need follow-up care to manage their condition and may need medication to help decrease any inflammation of the intestines (Mayo Clinic, 2018).  


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