Religion Assignment

Learning Activity #4: First Century Church Paper

The first-century church shared the gospel faithfully so that people around the globe would come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ (Romans

). Indeed, Luke records that people responded and became obedient to the faith (Acts 6:7).

Read Chapter 1 in your textbook by Arn, The Master’s Plan for Making Disciples (pages 19-35). Write a 1-2 page paper detailing some of the key characteristics found in making-disciples in the early church.

To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need thoroughly addressed.

  • The definition of a disciple.
  • What was central in all the teaching of Christ.
  • The principles which caused the first-century Christians to be so effective in making disciples.

Submit the paper to your facilitator as an attachment in the drop box titled First Century Church Paper. Use the Paper Writing rubric provided in your syllabus to guide your efforts.

Learning Activity #6: Interview Exercise

Interview 2-3 persons presently involved in differently kinds of Christian ministry, i.e. pastor, inner city mission worker, Christian counselor, etc.

Take the testimony of 1) how each person handles prayer during witnessing, and 2) the effect that each believes prayer makes in their witnessing. Submit the interview reports to your facilitator as an attachment in the drop box titled Interview Exercise.

Learning Activity #7: Power of Prayer Response

Download and read the Revival Praying document in attachments. Write a personal response concerning the foundation of personal intimacy with Jesus Christ and prayer for non-Christians as integral components of effective personal witnessing. Submit the response to your facilitator as an attachment in the drop box titled Power of Prayer Response.

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