Reflection Paper #2

Reflection Paper #2: 

Guest speaker critique via videos

Below you will find the links to two (2) videos featuring two (2) different speakers. 

Watch the two videos, then provide a 2-3 page reflection paper per all assignments written in APA formatting.  Consider the topic focus for each speaker? Consider comparing and contrasting the information shared? thoughts on disability? experiences on/with the disability? Consider comparing and contrasting the information shared with that presented in our course textbook? What did you learn?  What information shared do you think should be considered and incorporated in K-12 schools? incorporate into your professional career field? 

Video Links:

Let’s change the way we think about disability | Joel Dembe | TEDxMississauga

Changing How We See/Serve People With Physical Disabilities | Joy Wagner | TEDxBarringtonAreaLibrary

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