Quinsigamond Community Week 4 feminism in The Story of an Hour Discussion

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Week four:

  • Read pp. 1312-1346. Also read these short poems: “When I consider” (p. 436), “The Lamb” (p. 446), “The Tyger” (p. 447), “Annabel Lee” (p. 464), “I heard a Fly Buzz” (p. 492), “There’s a Certain Slant” (p. 494), “After Apple-Picking” (p. 503), “The Road Not Taken” (p. 504), “Stopping by Woods” (p. 505), “The Red Wheelbarrow” (p. 511), and “This is Just to Say” (p. 511).
  • Read the Week Four lecture.
  • Turn in a three-paragraph discussion of how you will change your paper to be a research paper, with a Works Cited page of at least four scholarly sources (no biographies, please! See last week’s lecture if you want to review why I ask this) for expanding one of your essays into the final research paper (you may wish to change your thesis entirely as you explore the library databases).
  • Turn in an outline for the second 2-page essay about one of the stories or poems we have read (due Sunday night at midnight).
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