I need only to answer these questions based on the articles.

1- What is main lesson regarding CBC interpretation based on the article interpretation a Blood Count? Why do a CBC? Your response must include something from the article (interpretation a Blood Count).

2- What is the main lesson regarding blood glucose monitoring based on the article Blood Glucose Monitoring in Diabetes??? Your response must include from the article.

3- How is the question “when to rely on what the monitor tells you vs the patient “resolved in the article The Balance between Assessment and Monitoring”?? What conclusion is reached?

4- What is the main lesson regarding lab testing Based on the article Detecting  Hypo-Magnesemia? What did you take away from it? 

5- What do you learn from the patient teaching section of the article BUN/Creatinine that you can apply to your general nursing practice? In short if you made a template for patient teaching labs based on section what would it include and Why?

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