PSY211 Northcentral Confidentiality and the Need to Protect Others Discussion

The topic for this assignment is confidentiality, disclosures, and informed consent. Your assignment will contain several parts. Organizing your assignment into those parts and labeling them is recommended.

1) Summarize, in your own wording, what the APA Ethics Code says on confidentiality, disclosures, and informed consent.

2) Review and cite the laws for your state with regards to mandated reporting including if applicable, abuse and neglect, the duty to protect and/or warn e.g. Tarasoff Warning, suicidal behavior, sexting by minors and viewing child pornography.

3) Assuming you were establishing a therapy practice in your state, you will be providing all clients an informed consent for treatment. In addition, during your first session, you decide that it is important to review with them in person, the limits of confidentiality. How would you explain to clients that confidentiality is not absolute? Write a 1 to 2 paragraph introductory monologue in which you explain to your client the limits of confidentiality listing some specific examples as to when confidentiality may be broken.

4) For each of the 5 scenarios below, provide the action you need to take based on your state laws and regulations. Make certain you cite the regulation. If a report is not mandated by the state, indicate that and explain what you might do.

(A)Your 17-year-old male client is involved in a consensual sexual relationship with a 17-year-old male classmate. In responding to this scenario, you will have to whether your state does or does not differentiate between different types of sexual activities.

(B) Your adult client has told you that if he were not such a tolerant individual, he would kill his mother-in-law the next time he saw her.

(C) You usually have snacks for your 10-year-old client, but you were unable to replenish your supply. He is disappointed and tells you that this just like his home with no food in the cupboards or the refrigerator

(D)Your 12-year-old female client tells you that she is pregnant and wants to terminate the pregnancy. Neither you nor her parents were aware that she even had a boyfriend.

(E) Your adult female client arrives at the session with bruises partially covered by make-up and long sleeves on a hot day. She starts crying at the beginning of the session but refuses to discuss the bruises.

Support your assignment with references to the reporting requirements for your state. It is expected that these will be primary source material i.e. Codes of Regulations or Laws. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

Length: 10 pages. The 10 pages are in addition to the title and reference pages


Kazdin, Alan E., (Ed). (2016). Ethical principles of psychologists and code of conduct. In Methodological issues and strategies in clinical research (pp.495-512). doi:10.1037/14805-030

The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act of 1974. (n.d.).

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