PSY101 Dvc Diablo Valley College Sensation and Perception Discussion

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The purpose of this discussion is for you to demonstrate your understanding of the material. Approach your response as though it is a mini essay with complete sentences, distinct paragraphs, and correct spelling and punctuation. Grammar and spelling matter. Online courses demand the same standard of academic communication and use of grammar as face-to-face courses.

Please respond to the following questions using a minimum of 300 words:

  1. Sensation and perception are closely linked. What is the critical distinction between the two? Provide an example of each.
  2. Review the DIG DEEPER discussion on The Depths of Perception: Bias, Prejudice, and Cultural Factors. Why is it that perceptions can be very different from person to person?
  3. Discuss your experience of the Selective Attention Test –selective attention test (Links to an external site.)
  4. selective attention test

In addition, you are expected to provide a supportive and/or reflective comment to the post of one classmate. In order to receive the maximum possible 15 points, you must accurately and thoroughly answer each part of the discussion prompt using at least 300 words (including the prompt in your response is not included in the word count) and comment on the post of one of your classmates.

Grading Rubric

You can see a rubric that has been associated with an assignment by clicking the three little dots that appear at the top right corner of the prompt.

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