PS380 Purdue University Unit 3 Developing Cultural Sensitivity Discussion

Developing Cultural Sensitivity

For this discussion, you may write about a culture or subgroup you already know (please do your best to avoid the use of language that is based in common misconceptions or stereotypes or language that could be viewed as offensive to a specific group). Alternatively, you may instead choose a culture that interests you, conduct Internet research on that group, and base your main posting on what you have learned about that group. The information you present must be backed up with scholarly or peer-reviewed resources to support your responses.

  • What is one culture or subgroup with which you are familiar or is of interest to you? Some examples of cultures and subgroups may include race, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, and religious groups.
  • What are the issues and concerns that psychotherapists and other professions need to be sensitive to when working with this culture or subgroup (please be specific)? Specifically, what kinds of mistakes or “unaware discrimination” should you be careful not to make?
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