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Thesis: “Throughout the course of elementary and middle school, schools should provide Etiquette Lessons to be apart of the class curriculum for children starting from a young age because it will teach and mold children about manners and social skills they need to succeed socially and, later, professionally.”

(You may change the thesis if you have a better one, but it must be something along these lines, or if better it must be something that you can propose regarding the article and assignment) PLEASE READ ASSIGNMENT CAREFULLY!

**Please note something like this: Although manners could be taught at home, sometimes children are influenced by other people around them to act a certain way. Therefore, if everyone is on the same page in a school environment and these basic traits are taught from a young age, it can potentially eliminate harmful behavior in their future, making our society a better place (less crime).


-1 Assignment: Covers everything that is needed for this essay (please follow it exactly)

-2 The Guy Code by Michael Kimmel: the article you will be basing this easy on

****Additional sources are needed for this topic (the types of sources are listed in the assignment.)

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