Professional Presentation

Prompt: You have been reading about professional presentations and different ways to meet audience expectations. It is important for presenters to consider the audience’s perspectives on the issue, the audience’s current knowledge about the subject, and the audience’s needs. During the presentation creation process, presenters must take some time to reflect on what the audience knows and needs to know. Then, the presenter must create an audience centered presentation with an appropriate layout design that will satisfy the audience.

Part I:

For this discussion, think back to the presentations you have watched or witnessed personally. Think back to other courses, high school, the workplace, etc. Create a list entitled “Five Things to Avoid when Creating Presentations.” This list should be focused on the actual presentation layout and design. What are five things presenters should avoid when creating a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation?

Part II:

Speaking publicly can be challenging. No doubt, it is an intimidating endeavor, especially when in front of other educated professionals. Just like anything else, the more one presents in front of an audience, the more comfortable one feels while presenting. For part II of this discussion, create a list entitled “Five Things to Avoid when Speaking Publicly.” How does a speaker maintain a professional demeanor while speaking in front of an audience? How does a speaker maintain an audience’s attention? How does a speaker avoid distractions? Consider these questions while creating your list.

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