Pro Birth, Pro-Choice (Abortion issue), psychology homework help

You are to submit 4-5 typed pages, double-spaced on one of the following ethical issues:

Pro Birth, Pro-Choice (Abortion issue)


Capital Punishment

Here’s the kicker, you are to take the opposite point of view which you presently hold on one of these issues. For instance, if you are pro-life, you are to take the pro-choice issue.

Your paper should contain solid and logical reasoning, (remember to avoid using fallacious reasoning), rational opinions based on factual evidence, as well as necessary citations (quotes, statistics, etc.) from reliable sources. The sources should be mentioned in the paper, no bibliography or other citations are necessary.

You should be more than aware by now regarding fallacious reasoning or fallacious sources regarding your topic. As I said above, be certain to avoid fallacious reasoning to support your view and avoid sources which may be overly biased or contain fallacious reasoning or fallacious statements. You are also to avoid personal opinions based upon personal belief systems, influenced by political or religious sources. So, you will need to research your topic well. An opinion based upon factual data, reliable sources and valid, solid information is what you wish to attain.

The point of this paper is for you to deliberately look at the “other” side of one of these key ethical issues. So often, people are totally unaware of how the “other side” thinks or totaling unwilling to look at the other side of an issue.

This may be challenging. Also, this will probably be educational.

If you send this paper to me, send it on the Canvas site, as an email.

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