Primary Source Essay – 6 – 8 pages, English homework help

As far as organization, there is no set structure for this essay because your topics and primary sources will vary tremendously; therefore, it is up to you to come up with the structure. Your essay needs to focus on a singular topic and how these three, or more, primary sources help us understand your topic more. Providing an in-depth analysis of these three sources will help the reader understand your topic and where you’re going with it.

Remember that you’re trying to prove to your audience that this topic should be of concern to them and these three primary sources should demonstrate why! If you have any questions, please don’t be afraid to email me.

Below you will find the PSE assignment sheet as well as rubric. Additionally, I have included some links that will help you with writing this essay. The links provide opportunities for you to understand what a primary source is and what it is not. The “6 C’s worksheet” may help you with understanding your primary sources, so use it if it helps.

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