Preparing for Project


In formal, academic writing, we want to write clearly so that our readers can easily understand us. One way to ensure that our writing is clear and well organized is to follow PIE paragraph structure. PIE structure allows us to clearly state our paragraph’s point, prove our point with strong information, and explain to the reader what we want to tell them with our information.

To start our class and prepare for the first project, which is writing an academic paragraph, we will learn about PIE paragraph structure.

Step 1:

Review the lectures below on PIE paragraph structure. Watch the videos carefully and read through the lectures slowly. Watch and read multiple times if needed

Step 2:

Write an academic PIE structured paragraph on your favorite class/teacher/assignment.

Make sure to develop a Point that is an opinion, provide clear information to show support, and explain/analyze in the end.

Step 3:

Submit your assignment by clicking on the Submit Assignment tab on the top right of your screen. For this assignment, you can type straight into the text box or you can attach a Word, PDF or Pages document.

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