Powerpoint-Nursing Prof

You are working on a busy clinical unit, and you and your peers have identified a new informatics system that may improve patient outcomes on the unit. At the end of the busy day, you and your peers approach your nursing care manager to explain your ideas. The nursing care manager is excited about your ideas and suggests you first review the literature for evidence to support your idea.

Use PowerPoint to create a presentation that you can share with your nursing care manager and other decision-makers within the unit. 

Within the presentation, you should include the following: Identify the type of informatics system you envision being used on your unit to improve patient outcomes and nursing processes. Complete a brief five article literature review on your suggested system. Develop a brief abstract on your suggested system utilizing your evidenced-based research. Estimate the cost of the system and implementation needs for the system. Conclude with a thorough explanation of your expectations for the improvement to patient outcomes and nursing processes that you foresee occurring as a result of implementation of your suggested system.

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