Position Paper on Business Insurance

Thesis statement in order for a business to be succeful it needs insurance

  • PURPOSE: To persuade
  • AUDIENCE: A general audience, peers in the classroom
  • LENGTH: 500 – 750 words (Times New Roman font)
  • SOURCES: A minimum of 3 with at least 1 Kieffer, P. (2016). Why Business Insurance Is a Critical Component of an Estate Plan. The CPA Journal, 86(12), 106–109. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/1866532724/ and at least 1 from a professional journal or organization
  • FORMAT: The citation style APA

Use only third person (he/she/they) for a more professional tone. Avoid first person (I, my, us, we) and second person (you and your) in your essay.

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