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Just wondering if someone can do this assignment..?

Your first writing assignment requires you to identify a political talk radio host/show and complete a written position paper on the particular show you and topic(s) of discussion for that show. The paper must be a minimum of three double-spaced pages (body of the paper must be a minimum of three double-spaced pages; approximately 750-800 words). The paper must include a title page; table of contents and works cited. You are required to identify at least three topics discussed by the host and provide your opinion/analysis of his/her discussion. Do you agree/disagree with the host point of view? Why/Why Not? The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to a genre of political debate that exists and is very popular but yet unknown to many college students. A variety of shows exists you can select from including but not limited to: Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage (Savage Nation) Mark Levin; Sean Hannity; Laura Ingraham; Michael Berry (local TX) The Dana Show; Julie Mason, Rev. Al Sharpton; Herman Cain. (you may select an individual not listed)

Generally each show is three hours in length, however I encourage you to listen to as much as you can to fully grasp the topic of the show. Each show runs Monday – Friday and you can find any one listed in a variety of ways/formats. The apps tunein and iheartradio are excellent sources to locate the shows and times as well as your local radio listings. Be sure to include the date of the show you listen to.

For ex: “I chose Mark Levin and his show The Mark Levin Show for this assignment. I listened to the June 7th show in which he discussed Immigration, Civil Liberties, The Constitution among other things. I strongly disagreed with the hosts discussion on Immigration particularly when he argued Immigration is the nucleus of crime in major metropolitan cities…”

The format used for essays is MLA. Many of these talk radio hosts are very bombastic and outspoken, be sure to remember you are a scholar when writing your paper and refrain from engaging in personal attacks when strongly disagreeing with a point of view.

In Summary: Select a political talk show host. Listen to his/her show. Select three topics/themes discussed by the host. Summarize the point of view of the host on each topic and provide your position on the topic as it relates to the position of the host. The body of paper should be a minimum of three double-spaced pages. The paper should include a title page, table of contents and works cited. Be sure to include to date of the show you select (provides verification) Remain scholarly regardless of the position of the host.

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