political theory, political science homework help

1. PLATO: Identify the type of government discussed in ‘The REPUBLIC what is his concept of

(a) Justice (b) Structure of society (c) Principles of specialization and division of labor (d) Philosopher as King

2. ARISTOTLE: What did he mean by: (a) The importance of friendship (b) Scientific and practical knowledge

(c) The nature of the polls (d) slavery (e) Family (f) Private property (g) Just and Unjust constitutions.

3. MACHIAVELLI: what is his Theory of Politics and the meaning of “REALISM” and what, according to him, are the characteristics of and “IDEAL LEADER”.

INSTRUCTIONS: Answer each part of the question. Use internet or any other source for information. Cite your sources.

Answers must be in simple language.

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