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Subject: Political science

Topic: policy networks, advocacy coalitions

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I am working on a political science research paper – Master’s level. as required by the Master’s program. My topic is policy networks and if they matter in immigration policy. My hypothesis is: did a policy network influence the policy changes of the Faster removals of foreign criminals Act, a provision of Bill c-43? I use network actor theory and advocacy coalition framework to analyze bill c-43. This bill became law on June 19th 2013 and the policy change were the amendments to sections of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. The theory states that actors form coalitions and work together in order to push their policy through or block policy from passing. The policy network contains a set of actors that form coalitions and influence policy. A coalition is a set of actors that 1) share the same policy belief and 2) are involved in coordinated behaviour. I already submitted a first draft and my advisor told me the evidence I use (minutes of parliament) to analyze the case study is flawed. He said that based on the debates in parliament I cannot infer that coalitions were formed or that there was a policy network during the policymaking process of the bill. He said at best the evidence shows there were people for and against the bill. The minutes do not provide insight into the interactions that took place among the actors and also do not indicate the formation of any coalitions. I need help on obtaining sufficient research / evidence on the policymaking process of the to analyze. **I need to find sources that look at the interactions between the actors that were involved in the policymaking process of the faster removals of foreign criminals. In 2010, Citizenship and Immigration Canada launched a review of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act’s inadmissibility and related provisions in consultation with the Canada Border Services Agency and other federal partners. The purpose of the admissibility review was to ensure that officials continue to have the tools necessary to maintain the integrity of Canada’s immigration system. This review also examined a number of recurrent issues that have surfaced since the implementation of the IRPA in 2002, such as expediting the removal process for individuals who are inadmissible for serious criminality and greater facilitation for low-risk travellers. The admissibility review resulted in the introduction of the Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act (FRFCA), which contained a number of legislative amendments to the IRPA to enhance the safety and security of Canadians, strengthen the integrity of the immigration program, and facilitate entry to further support Canadian interests. A number of the FRFCA amendments came into force when the FRFCA received Royal Assent on June 19, 2013. I would like research conducted on the following: 1) Who were the actors that were involved in the policy making process of the faster removal of foreign criminals Act (Citizenship and Immigration, Canada Border Services Agency, Department of Justice, etc.?) 2) How were these actors involved in the process? (What actions did they take) 3) The nature of the interactions among the actors involved, were there meetings/discussions/efforts to work together. i.e. was there a coordination between the actors to formulate the Act 5) Were there other actors (private actors, non-governmental, individuals) involved in policymaking process? Who and How? 6) What is the relative power of the actors? (which actor holds the most amount of influence, decision-making authority) 7) Were there actors that opposed the bill? who were they and did these actors form a coalition? I would like 3 page of primary sources (any news, media, government publications or reports, speeches that indicate interactions among the actors involved in the process). I require enough sources to write be able to write an analysis of them in 20 pages double spaced. I have attached a first draft of my paper in case you need to have further information.

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