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There are many advantages of being a member of a professional nursing organization. It helps to network with a lot of people with shared interest, support nurses with continuing education, some of them with credentialing in various specialties. It helps nurses with professional development in competency, learning the latest trends in the profession, evidence based practices followed in other organizations or other parts of the country, be a mentor or a mentee to a subject matter.  It enhances job prospects through referrals from the organization, leadership opportunities (Schroeder, 2013).

It is important to have our voices heard in the places where crucial decisions are made to health care system and to the profession. Organizations such as the American Nurses Association (ANA) have lobbyists in the U.S Congress and other state legislatures to advocate for the concerns of nurses and healthcare issues to influence policies which affect the nurses and the healthcare.  According to article by Dr.Mathews, “Goals of political advocacy include greater nurse involvement in providing access to care, influencing the cost and quality of care, determining the scope and authority of practice, and increasing and improving the healthcare workforce”( 2012).

I like to quote what was mentioned in the article, “When greater numbers unite in one voice, stronger and more powerful arguments can be advanced to achieve advocacy outcomes”.

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