please apa with citations and 3 references and 400-500 words

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In chapter 9, the reading covers the ERM approach in Higher Education (HE) environments. While the case study on ERM implementation for the University of Washington (UW), and in chapter 6, we covered the ERM implementation for a for-profit organization.
Please give your view on how ERM adoption and implementation in the HE and UW specifically environment differs from the for-profit like the case in the LEGO case study. Please cite examples from chapter 9 readings.
To complete the discussion assignment:

Create a new thread by Friday and explain how ERM adoption and implementation in the HE environments and specifically for the UW differs from the for-profit settings.

Please discuss at least four points or aspects in which the implementing ERM in the two environments differ. Please remember to submit your initial post by Friday.

Select AT LEAST 2 other students’ posts and comment with a substantive response. Responses expected to be informative and add value. A typical response is about 150 to 200 words.

I am trying to encourage a dynamic discussion and knowledge-sharing environment. Please consider giving other students enough time to review and respond to your post.

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