please answer base in this answer in APA format .Write at least 270 words,I need ANSWER FOR NUMBER 1 AND 2 COMMENTS

1- I really like your perspective on the educational trend in nursing.  It is truly amazing how far the nursing profession has come on the back of being highly educated.  It is now one of the most respected and trusted professions, and I think that’s saying a lot.  Increasing the educational requirements for nurses opens the door for more nurse managers and researchers.  It’s a clear pathway for nursing professionals to have a say in the overall function of the healthcare system.  But I wonder if requiring nurses to complete a BSN degree could have a downside.  Many nurses who work in direct patient contact (what I call “floor” nurses) are often overworked due to high patient ratios and understaffing.  If you have a nursing staff with a high percentage of BSN degrees, are you creating a roadway for those nurses to leave the grind of floor nursing behind?  The BSN creates opportunity and more upward mobility than an associate degree.  High turnover on the hospital floor due to this upward mobility could create a new realm of problems in healthcare.  Just a thought ….. 


2-Truely i can’t imagined how patient would have endured or survived surgery or certain procedure with all the pain and anxiety that comes with it without being put to sleep (anesthesize) for larger surgical procedure or numbing the particular area. All thanks to our mother of anesthesia “Alice Magaw”whose technique,assessment of patient during surgery and proper documentation helped to reduce mortality rate.

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