please answer base in this answer in APA format .Write at least 270 words I need answer 1 and 2 ,please list the answer

Re:Re:week 2 DQ 2

1-Spending time talking to a patient might be difficult,
especially when having a critical patient in the next room, but it does make it
huge difference. Just five extra minutes spent talking to a patient can make a
difference in their outcome. Some patients are not able to have family visit
them because of their busy schedules and want nothing else but to have a
conversation. I have had encounters with patients that arrive to the ER and
after having a conversation with them they seem to be in a much better mood. I
don’t mean to spend all of your shift talking to them and ignore the other
patients, all I am saying is that when asked the correct questions and
sincerely listening to what they have to say, it will make a difference to

2- Re:Re:Topic 2 DQ 2

I like the fact that you elaborated on everything that is included in the enviroment that speeds or facilitate the healing process on the patient and not just safe home. Factors like genetics,fresh air,adequate nutrition,pure water,cleanliness,social economic,cultural e.t.c which have to be equally balanced to promote optimal health.

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