Pick a controversial topic related to the study of social change that the US media is covering today, sociology homework help


Soc 352 – Professor Kane


GUIDELINES – Your term paper must be typed, double-spaced, twelve point Times New Roman font, one inch margins all around, and at least 6 pages. Use and cite at least SIX reputable social science sources – at least one of these must be a peer-reviewed publication from a respected social science journal or academic press; also you can utilize your textbook as one of the six sources (and it can be considered peer-reviewed). For more peer-reviewed sources see Ebscohost databases, with ‘Academic Search Premier’ being most preferred, accessible through the online ASU library portal. To assure that you have located a peer-reviewed source, before you search check the box marked ‘peer-reviewed.’


Pick a controversial topic related to the study of social change that the US media is covering today. Describe the topic and why it is controversial.

Try to pick a unique topic – for example – NOT abortion, gun rights, euthanasia, capital punishment, media violence etc… these are not unique topics. If you are going to choose a topic that likely has been chosen by many other students (past and present), please go out of your way to provide unique perspectives on the cliché topic. Choosing something very current and new is always a good bet. See below for more on choosing a unique topic.

Provide TWO opposing views regarding your controversial topic. Present each side as if your views line-up with the side being presented. The goal is to make it so I cannot tell which side you actually support. If you provide only one side of your chosen topic you will receive, at best, a 50 out of 100 on your term paper.

In between the end of your paper and the reference page include a ‘reveal section’, where you reveal your true opinions, the side of the debate you actually favor, and what you’ve learned through your research. Keep in mind, the main goal in this assignment is to argue both sides equally well. The reveal page should be no more than one-fifth, at most, of your total term paper length; it is less important than arguing both sides well.


Evidence can take a number of forms – facts and figures, library research, social experiences. However, the strongest forms of evidence are going to come from peer reviewed social science journals, found in University-level Ebsco library databases like Academic Search Premier. Less convincing is evidence marshaled from newspapers, magazines, and websites. Least convincing is personal social experiences (please do not include personal experiences in the body your term paper; personal experience is OK for the Reveal Section).

Make sure to provide citations for your evidence using the Chicago Manual of Style Format – Within the text cite like this: (Author, Date).

On Your Reference Page, your citations should look like this:

Author. Date. “Title of Article”, Title of Source. URL (if applicable). Publishing Company (if applicable). APA style citation/referencing is also acceptable.

Quotations should never run for more than four sentences. The main point should be articulated in your own words with quotations merely providing support. Cite ideas as well. Cite any sources that have informed your work in any way. You can never go wrong by citing as much as possible while utilizing as many sources as possible.


If you have read the directions for the assignment carefully, you know that the paper contains 5 basic sections.


I) An ‘Introduction’ to your topic.

II) A ‘Pro Side’ regarding your topic that contains the best supportive arguments for a yes view.

III) A ‘Con Side’ regarding your topic that contains the best arguments for an ‘against’ view.

IV) A ‘Reveal Page’ where you reveal the side you support and what you learned through your research.

V) A ‘Reference Page’.

NOTE – Reference Pages and Title Pages Do Not Count Towards Your Assigned Page Totals.


If the topic you are choosing has been debated for years and years and years and years… ‘beaten to death’ as they say… it is not an interesting/unique topic. Conventional views and debates on abortion rights, gun rights, capital punishment, assisted suicide, media violence, marijuana legalization, the drinking age, the minimum wage, animal testing, vaccines, electoral college, etc etc etc fall into this category. Basically, if it’s on ProCon.org – DON’T CHOOSE IT. Be more original. The world is full of novel, unique, and exciting developments – new ones everyday – choose to research one of them.

That being said, I realize that unique can have several meanings – I am definitely not saying that you should be the only person ever who has thought about the topic. Basically, if it’s a relatively new and uniquely 21st century debate, born of the novel changes our world is rapidly going through… then that counts as unique to me. For example – genetic modification – good or bad – that is unique and interesting to me. In fact, the world of current and novel technological development provides endless interesting new and novel debates regarding social issues and consequences. If it is relatively new and currently on blast on your social networks – such a topic may strike me as new and unique (but it also may not, this is where your judgment comes in) – Forms of Protesting (peaceful, violent, blocking traffic, otherwise), Something Perhaps Conspiratorial (is it true or false), Voter Fraud (is it occurring, does it matter), An Aspect of Mass Surveillance (useful or dangerous), Militarization of Police Forces (necessary or dangerous) – such topics are new, complex, and relatively unique for a student paper. HOWEVER, realize some topics on blast on social media have already been addressed by many students before you, and that’s the sort of topic you want to stay away from. You can choose such topics, but try to find a relatively unique angle – for example, if you are going to choose Black Lives Matter, don’t just write a pro and con side, find a more unique way to approach Black Lives Matter. Same goes for transgender bathroom rights, this topic is already over-done and it isn’t particularly complex. However, there are numerous interesting and less played out topics regarding transgender rights than bathroom rights, and more complex and original notions regarding Black Lives Matter than a simple I am for-it or against-it… find those complex, intelligent, and more nuanced debates. Put some real thought into your topic choice; give potentially played-out topics a unique and original spin to increase the uniqueness.

Also, realize that if there is an aspect of any Lectures that you found particularly interesting and novel, hadn’t heard much about, and wanted more info regarding… chances are that counts to me too as a unique topic. Go more in depth, find different (albeit still reliable) sources than the ones I used in my discussion, taking different or deeper perspectives on the topic, making different and deeper arguments, and I would likely appreciate such a paper. So, if you are still searching for a topic, take another look at the Lectures you found most interesting with an eye toward going deeper. Also, feel free to explore my ASU dedicated YouTube Channel for Lecture Video Series not included in this class in order to get the creative thinking juices going.

If you are choosing a classically conventional topic, realize that doing so is risky for this assignment, and so you will necessarily need to debate a new perspective or angle on it – for example, you want to do a paper on gun rights… so beaten to death. But what about gun rights in Australia – less so. What about gun rights in the developing world? What about whether people on the no-fly or terror watch list should get gun rights – less beaten to death. You find immigration interesting – ok, but give it a 2016 spin – Wall or No-Wall, Is Mass Deportation a Good or Realistic Idea in the 21st century, etc. Address something modern, something novel, something extremely current, something complex, something technological, something especially germane to 2017, and bring in new perspectives; that is what I am looking for. Go unique.

BUT, always keep in mind that you MUST argue two opposing perspectives on your topic, each equally well. So do not pick a topic with which you will have difficulty doing so.

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