PHIL110 discussion

Goal: Analyze a Venn Diagram to show the similarities, differences, and relationships and argue its effectiveness. Understand how Venn diagrams are used in logic and/or problem solving


Why do we diagram arguments? For many, seeing helps connect ideas and concepts that can be complex and difficult to grasp. By understanding the elements and components visually we are better able to critically build and understand an argument. For this week’s forum, you will find one (1) Venn Diagram and do the following:

– Find an interesting Venn Diagram on the internet. Google or Yahoo (or whatever you use) “Venn diagrams for deductive logic” OR “Venn diagrams for problem solving.” Find a video or example you like and understand and be sure to include a link to the video, website, problem or example.

– Discuss what the Venn Diagram is trying to communicate.

– Explain why the Venn Diagram is effective or not effective.

– Discuss whether the Venn Diagram made solving the problem or understanding the relationships in a categorical argument easier.

Forum Guidelines:

must be 250+ words in length.

Trigger questions:

What is the value of diagramming an argument?

How can a Venn diagram help with critical thinking?

What are the uses of truth tables?

What are the differences in kinds of arguments?

What are the differences in kinds of appeals?

Why is understanding purpose and audience

so important in critical thinking?

How can an outline help me?

How can you build one?

How can mathematical models help me think critically?

LD Forum Rubric.pdf
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