personality measurements. |

The goal of this assessment is to get you acquainted with personality measurements.
You are expected to:
(a) complete an online personality test (e.g., Depression, the Big five, Myers Briggs) that you deem important and interesting for understanding personality and important life outcomes ,
(b) Enclose all of the questions and results in the Appendix section of your report or enclose the web address where you found the test
(c) Explain (a) the purpose of this test (i.e., what it is designed to measure) and (b) your reactions to the assessment (e.g., Is the assessment an accurate analysis of your personality? Why or why not?).
(d) Comment on whether this test is reliable and valid based on what you have learned about personality assessment in this course. You need to define and discuss at least one form of reliabilities and one type of validity in your comments.All reports should be typed in Times New Roman size 12, double-spaced and 3 pages or longer. (Test website)

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