People and their relationship with food

Write a 6-8 paragraph essay in response. The essay must contain a clear and strong thesis, analysis of the topic, and support from the texts listed with the prompt. You can incorporate 3-4 quotes from at least 2 of the texts listed with the prompt. You cannot use more than 4 quotes. You must document the quotes in MLA format in the body of the paper. Do not use sources outside of the texts or analysis other than what you think regarding the topic. You can use general examples and observations but nothing written by anyone else except for the texts listed with the prompt you select.

Focus more on analysis rather than the texts listed.


1. A person’s relationship with food is based on many factors. Some of these factors may be cultural values, religious beliefs, and personal ethics. Additional factors may deal with socioeconomic variables or personal desire. Whatever the factors are, one’s relationship with food is part of daily routine and choice. Argue how one’s relationship with food can say a great deal about an individual and may be reflective of a person’s personality. Use examples and analysis away from the texts and use textual support from the following: “Utopian Dream: A New Farm Bill”, “Young Hunger” , and/or “An Animal’s Place” .

I will attach the rest of the texts in an additional message.

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