Peer Review Worksheet for Project 2, engineering homework help

The worksheet for Project 2’s peer review is attached here. Remember, your goal is to be specific and thorough in the feedback you provide to your two classmates. One sentence answers to the peer review questions are not likely to sufficient or helpful to their revision. Help your Team members see both the strengths of their draft and the areas that need the most revision before the final deadline.

When you are ready to submit your two peer reviews to this Assignment, click the link above.

You should respond to two of your team members’ drafts. Communicate with your Team members to ensure everyone has two peers reading their drafts.

When you have completed and returned your comments to your partners (by attaching them under the author’s original draft in the appropriate Discussion Board forum), please remember to also submit your completed Peer Review Form to be graded via the Assignment link contained here.

While all the Habits of Mind are involved in all work for this course, respecting others enough to provide them with helpful feedback requires Responsibility, Openness, and Engagement.

Your peer reviews are due by 6/13.

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