Our Lady of the Lake University Week 2 Fear of Aging Discussion

Sometimes the emotion of fear is experienced by an aging person and/or their love one. Fear may occur because they begin to experience and/or witness physical, emotional, or cogitative changes. The quality of life is impacted when fear is not acknowledged, assessed, or addressed with a quality intervention.

You will integrate professional social work approaches, social work values and ethics, spirituality, cultural competence in working with the elderly. Also, it is important to consider your own personal and professional experiences and how (if any) this learning/experience may impact the way you work with families in the future.

The effects of fear can be experienced physically, emotionally and/or cognitively.

Utilize the question below to frame your initial posting. You will further enhance this discussion by responding to your peers’.

  • If you could identify one fear (physical, emotional, or cognitive) which would it be, how would you summarize your theory based intervention, and describe a personal or professional aspect influencing your intervention
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