Original Satire, English homework help

Original Satire

In this assignment you will be writing an original satire. The topic you may choose to satirize should be something that you know rather well. The challenge will be to avoid writing a diatribe instead of a satire. Introduce your satire with an explanation of the purpose of your satire and the satiric methods you decided to use.

***I don’t care what the topic is but it should be similar in style (satirical) to articles found on the site http://www.theonion.com it should be about 500 words***


An “A” satire features:

  • an appropriate topic worthy of satire
  • a satire, as opposed to a diatribe
  • sophisticated use of humorous technique
  • creativity and careful use of language
  • original use of syntax and rhetorical technique
  • understanding of audience and assumptions
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