Organizational Chart And Relationship Diagram Assignment

The organizational chart is the standard way to depict reporting relationships. The relationship diagram is a helpful way of assessing interactions and relationships in an organization or process. You will be using these tools and other information to describe the organization and identify the stakeholder relationships for a health care organization of your choice.

Narrative (70%) – Based on the organizational chart and relationship diagram, submit a 5 page narrative, excluding references, that describes the organization and what you have learned in this exercise. The paper should be in APA format with appropriate references. An abstract is not required, and the title page does not count in the 5 page limit. Following is a structure you may use for this analysis.

Brief Background or description of the organization, including the mission or purpose, number and types of employees, and a description of the stakeholders/customers. (approximately 1 page)
Review of the organizational structure and the effectiveness (or lack of) for meeting the mission and vision of the organization. (approximately 1.5 pages)
Review of the stakeholder relationship diagram/map explaining the relationships, interconnections, and impacts of the relationships on the organization (approximately 2 pages)
Your analysis of what you learned using the tools in this assignment. (approximately 0.5 page)
Citations and References

Organizational chart (15%) – Submit the organizational chart for the organization you have selected to the Discussion area and submit either to your Assignment Folder or bring to class. Note any characteristics that make the organizational structure unique. The organizational chart does not need names, just position titles.
Relationship Diagram (15%) – Identify how your organization relates to at least seven (7) of its external stakeholders or customers, including at least two (2) other entities in the broad health care community. Submit the Relationship Diagram to your Assignment Folder.

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