Nursing-ppaca-bill report

Earlier in the semester, the 974-page PPACA (ACA) bill was distributed to everyone (via the course website). Since that time, everyone has been reading/skimming the bill.  By now, you should have had time to completely skim the entire bill. 


For this assignment, each student will submit a report as described next: 


·       Please find 6 new Federal agencies/departments that are created by the ACA.  You will write about each new Federal agency/department on a separate page. 

·       For each Federal agency/department, include the following information (on separate lines): 


Line 1:  The page number from the 974-page PPACA bill. 

Line 2:  The section number (e.g., Section 1313.A.2.c.iii and so on). 

Line 3:  The name of the new agency/department. 

Line 4:  The Federal government’s cabinet-level division to which this new agency/department reports. 

Line 5:  The projected budget of the new agency/department. 

Line 6:  An estimate of the number of employees hired (or to be hired) into the new agency/department. 


Next, on the same page, write two paragraphs (with each paragraph containing 60-70 words) that describe the new Federal agency/department. 


Please note:  You may use the information from Lines 1-6 in your paragraphs but do not waste a paragraph just putting the information contained within Lines 1-6 into written form. 


Regarding the budget amount requested in the directions:  It is possible that some of the agencies do not have a projected budget amount listed by either the ACA or the appropriate governing department. However, since this is a graduate healthcare economics course, students are expected to create their own estimates of any missing information.  If it is impossible to create the missing information, it would be best to choose a different agency.  It is important that all of the information requested in the directions be included in the homework submission.  

An incorrect answer for the budget question would be: “Could not find or create the answer.” 



·       You will submit a 7-page paper. Each page (including the first page) shall be numbered in the center position within the bottom footer. 

 ·       The 7th page is a list of references. 

 ·       Spacing = 1.5 between lines. 

 ·       1” margins all around. 

 ·       Font size = 12 point. 

         Font type = Arial. 

 ·       Figures, charts, spreadsheets, etc., are not to be submitted. 

 ·       To help you explain your agencies/departments, you will likely have to find information outside of the  ACA bill. 

 ·       Be sure to cite these sources of information. Your sources do not have to be peer-reviewed. 

 ·       References should be in the form of endnotes, with references numbered consecutively in the order in which they are first mentioned in the text. 

 ·       Include a word count whenever a specific word limit is required. 

 ·       Be sure to place your name at the top of the first page. 


In addition to your written report, to ensure that everyone submits unique agencies/departments, each student must post their agencies/departments in the discussion sections that have been created for this specific purpose. This means it is “first come-first served” regarding the agencies/departments that you post.  Once a student posts a specific agency/department, no other student can post the same agency/department. 

Other students have chose these already

Sec. 6301(a) Patient-Centered Research Institute (pg. 683)

Sec. 2952(a) Support, Education, and Research for Postpartum Depression (pg. 274)

Sec. 3210(c) Personal Care Attendance Workforce Advisory Panel (pg. 810)

Sec. 4305(b) Interagency Pain Research Coordinating Committee (pg. 530)

Sec. 10409(d) Cures Acceleration Network Review Board (CAN) (pg. 906)

Sec. 6703(a) Advisory Board on Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation (pg. 742-743)

Sec. 3403(a) Independent Medicare Advisory Board (pg. 426)

Sec. 5101(a) National Health Care Workforce Commission (pg. 538)

Sec. 3021(a) Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (pg. 187)

Sec. 8002(a) CLASS Independence Advisory Council (pg. 772)

Sec. 1002 Independent Office of Health Insurance Assistance or an Ombudsman (pg. 948)

Sec. 1322(b)(3) Federal Advisory Board on the Co-OP Plan (pg. 104)


1. Sec. 8002(C) Personal Care Attendants Workforce Advisory Panel 

PAGE 791

2. Sec. 5605 Key National Indicators Commission page 613

3. Sec. 4003(a) Preventive Services Task Force page 466

4. Sec.. 3012(a) Interagency Working Group on Health Care Quality 

page 295

5.Sec 10334(a) Office of Minority Health

Page 880


PAGE 917

 Sec 4106 Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices

Sec 2821 Epidemiology-laboratory Capacity Grants Advisory Council

Sec 4103 4 National Oral Health Surveillance System

Sec 6301 4 ii Expert Advisory Panel for Clinical Trials

Sec 6301 4 iii Expert Advisory Panel for Rare Disease

Sec 10411 National Congenital Heart Disease Surveillance System

Section 4001 (a)- National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council- pg. 463.

Section 6703(a)- Elder justice Coordinating Council- pg. 726.

Section 4305 (b)- Interagency Pain Research Coordinating Committee-pg. 512.

Section 5208 (b)- Nurse managed health Clinics- pg. 542.

Section 1104 (b)- Operating Rules for Health Information Transactions- pg. 437.

Section 10407 (b)- Better Diabetes Care-pg. 885.

10501 (b) Interagency Access to Health Care in Alaska Task Force

4001 (f) Advisory Group on Prevention, Health Promotion, and Integrative and Public Health

5602 Negotiated Rulemaking Committee

1323 (d) State Advisory Councils

4003 (b) Community Preventive Services Task Force

10334 (b) Individual Offices of Minority Health

Machelle Payne

Sec. 4108

Sec. 4202

Sec. 1804/1341

Sec. 3025

Sec. 4002

Sec. 1252

Changing 2 agencies due to duplication.


Section 6703 (a)- Elder justice Coordinating Council- pg. 726

Section 4305 (a)-Interagency Pain Research Coordinating Committee- pg. 512


Section 8001- Community Living Assistance and Supports- pg. 772

Section 2951- Independent Expert Advisory Panel- pg. 270

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