NLU Circadian Rhythms as Indicated by The Results of The Morningness Eveningness Scale

Direction: answer to each question should be 200-250 words, and citation should be made with APA format

1. Describe your circadian rhythms as indicated by the results of the Morningness Eveningness Scale and reflect on how they affect your work and personal life.

2.Describe what you find most helpful in the article Six Ways to Stop Worrying and Find Work You Love,

3. Check your schedule.Set aside time on Monday or Tuesday to do at least a 15 minute observation of parenting in a public setting.This is an observation in which others will not know that they are being observed, and you will not interact with anyone you are observing, and you will not know anyone you are observing.

  • Describe a style or styles of parenting in a grocery store or other public location following the suggestions for the observation in “Points to Ponder – Observations in Public Parenting” on page 57 of the Gardiner text.
  • The post should be at least 3 paragraphs, 1 paragraph describing the location and situation of the observation, a second paragraph reporting the exchange and behavior of a parent and child or children, and a third paragraph providing your evaluation of the parenting and its effect on the child or children

4.Adrian is a 34-year-old female who has had a series of volatile interpersonal relationships. Adrian expresses extreme jealousy when her friends spend time with other friends and she cannot maintain romantic relationships due to her frequent mood swings and jealousy. Adrian is afraid of being abandoned and has a poor self-image. She cuts herself and abuses substances. She has also made several suicide attempts because she feels abandoned and depressed. What would you diagnose Adrian with and what type of treatment plan would you recommend? Review the textbook, article and TED Talk video this week to learn more about these topics. Review the textbook and other resources available this week and refer to at least two of the sources provided in your response.

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