Need Help with discussion questions for each class

Edu Governance History

1) As we begin to think about the goals of this course, let’s begin our discussion by asking the question, “Why do we have laws?”.

In order to give a well-rounded response to this question, make sure you address:

  • How do laws affect teaching?
  • How do laws affect my classroom?
  • What do the courts have to do with laws and education?, and
  • Do laws change? If so, why? If not, why not?

2) Why/How is social media a potential legal issue for teachers?

3) Answer the five questions from Page/Slide 14 of Week 1 in Module 1, post your responses, and explain your answer to each in a sentence or two.

Mathematics in Elem School

Read the following article, and discuss: Mirrors and Windows Into Student Noticing.

ESOL Found: Cross Cultural Com

Please watch the following videos and consider the questions below.

I Want You to Know Me: Sargent Shriver ES

The Importance of ELL Strategies – Immersion (Moises in Math Class)

Remember, the characteristics of English Language Learners can be wide and vast. Based on your readings for this week and the videos above, discuss the steps you would take to identify an ELL in your classroom and address each of the following questions:

  • What type of assessment is used to identify an English Language Learner?
  • What demographic or background information will you collect or need?
  • Where do you find the assessment information?
  • How will you use this assessment and demographic information to meet needs of your ELL?
  • In the video about Moises, what strategies did the teacher use to help Moises? Be specific and provide examples
  • What strategies could the teacher use to support Moises? Be specific and provide examples.
  • What visual cues did Moises use to figure out the math problem? What are some strategies you can use in the classroom to provide visual aids or cues for ELLs learning new content?
  • How would you handle a situation such as this in your classroom? Be specific and provide examples.

Reading Foundations Elem Schl:

Discuss Differentiating Instruction as Response to Intervention in the box on p. 49. Discuss how this will relate to your first practicum experience.

Textbook required: see if its online

Vacca, J.L., Vacca, R.T., Gove, M.K., Burkey, L.C., Lenhart, L.A., & McKeon, C.A. (2018) Reading and learning to read (10th ed.). Boston: Pearson Education, Inc. ISBN13: 978-0-13-444783-4

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