Murray State University The Video Object and Readings

Part A: Based on what we discussed in class, and the work you we saw for inspiration, the workshop at the Scholar’s Studio, please reflect back to your practice and come to class with 3 sketches/ideas/pathways in which you extend the flatness of the video screen to a 3dimentional object (representational or abstract) Think in terms of the formal, visual and technical strategies that we talked about in class: projection, transformation, staging, fragmentesizing, etc.

Think how the form and content would inform each other.

This could reflect back to your paradigms and can be drawn from your questions and concerns from your process and experimentations so far or it could be its own side experimentation answering other curiosities.

If you stick to your paradigms, answer the whys and whats as a starting point for next session

The revealing process (aristotle’s four causes)

1.Formal : how it is done

  1. Material: what is made out of

3.Immediate purpose : why it is done

  1. Larger purpose (big picture, the world, the framework, the paradigm): WHY it is done

Please refer back to the hygiene model. write down your framework as a process

__A___ is the process of ___B___ in order to ___C_____by……D……..

A: Core/practice/process (e.g. hygiene)

B: form of it (how)

C: immediate/ large purpose (why/WHY)

D; material (what, e.g. soap and water, sound, space and time, etc.)





paradoxical object-sculpting with time and light.pdf (page 76-81)


I highly recommend listening to “everything is alive” podcast series (Links to an external site.)

Some people to look at for inspiration: ( there is a lot more out there/ please look extensively) (Links to an external site.)

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