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Florence Kelley wrote a speech to emphasize why child labor is such a horrified topic. She shows how she feels about child labor in her speech by using a municiple of rhetorical strategies. Kelley presents her feelings by changing her tone throughout, and she does comparison with other states to give insight on what the problem is.After hearing the speech her audience can quickly identify that she did not agree with child labor

Kelley started her speech by giving background knowledge on child labor and how many years ago it happened, the ages of the children, and the percentage of young boys and girls. She then changes her tone by explaining the machines being used by “several thousand little girls” and explains the machines horrible sound as “deafening” in lines 20. She is efining the machine was as loud to the point of hard hearing. She proclaims that the type of information to show that the sound of the spindles make to loud of a noise not meant to be heard, especially by young girls of their age.Kelley goes on by adding words such as “pitiful”, “shameful”, and “evil”. She uses such words, to emphasize the working of kids at the age of six and up. She does not believe that the work that is being done by these young children is a fantastical idea.She uses her tone to set part on how she truly feels.

Not only does her tone play a big part on how she feels but her comparison on other states. She uses this strategy to give insight of how other states are no better. Kelley explains “in Alabama the law provides that a child under sixteen years of age should not work in a cotton mill” but she went and said “in Georgia there is no restriction whatever!”

Side note: This essay we had to write about the strategies Florence Kelley uses to show how she felt about child labor ( such as her diction, her tone) we had to use resources from her speech which you should be able to find on google. The prompt says ” read the speech carefully. Then write an essay in which you analyze the rhetorical strategies Kelley uses to convey her message about child labor to her audience. support your analysis with specific examples from the text” it must have 11 sentences in each paragraph

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