MSE45L UOCB Hyatt Regency Ethical Engineering Case Study

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1.Identify an engineering, event, disaster, case, etc. which is worthy of ethical argument. What this means is that one should find a happening that presents an ethical dilemma and perhaps resulted in criminal charges, a lawsuit, injuries/death, etc.
Examples:Bay Bridge, eastern span o Solyndra o Theranos o Takata airbags o Human cloning o Henrik Schon (formerly of Bell Labs/Lucent) o Hwang Woo-suk (formerly of Seoul National University) o Haruko Obokata (formerly of RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology) o Craig Grimes (formerly of Penn State) o A good case is one where an individual, organization, community failed to apply the various ethical theories and follow the ethical guidelines presented in your lab. o Look broadly beyond these cases – find one that means something to you or your field of study.
2.Read about the case of your choice – find references (articles, cases, etc.) to provide you ample information and understanding of the case.
3.Write a 2-3 page, single-spaced, Arial 10 or Times New Roman 11 font, justified laboratory report that includes the following items:
Abstract/Executive Summary – Briefly summarize the case, major findings, issues.
Introduction – Introduce the case in more detail; Who? What? When? Where? and Why?
Analysis and Discussion – Analyze the case with respect to the NSPE Code and (some or all) of the ethical theories (select the ones that mean something to you or are well-suited to the case at hand). What ethics skills were overlooked or ignored by the actors? How or what could be done to avoid such events in the future?
Conclusions – Summarize the major findings of your case analysis – what are the lessons learned, the major outcomes for the community from this case?
4. Mentions NSPE Code in introduction

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